News10 WTEN Examines Local Tragedy, Sepsis and Home Care

With sad and tragic news this week of a young boy passing from sepsis in Cohoes, NY, the Capital Region’s ABC affiliate, News 10 WTEN, spoke to HCA and medical experts on Tuesday about sepsis, including a bill that passed the State Legislature in June to support the work of home care providers in screening for this deadly condition.

Al Cardillo is the president of the Home Care Association of New York State. He’s working to get a bill signed by Governor Cuomo that would be the first sepsis support measure for home care, recognizing that while sepsis is widely known as a hospital problem, 80 to 90% of sepsis cases originate in the community.”

“Sepsis is always associated with an infection, but there might be an infection that exists that the person might not be aware of,” Cardillo told News10, “it could be that they had a sore throat.’”

Cardillo says the bill, that passed through both houses, if signed by the Governor, would save more lives, and also save the hospitals money through earlier detection.

“Our goal, particularly with the home health system, is to work not only to monitor, but teach the individual and the family what to look for and how to prevent,” Cardillo told News10.

Watch the clip here and learn more about the legislation here. The bill (S.1817/A.3839) awaits action by the Governor.

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