Home Care Agencies Invited to Join National “Sepsis Coordinators Network”

Home care agencies have an invaluable opportunity to take further steps in the effort to stop sepsis, and are invited to participate in a new national Sepsis Coordinators Network.

The national Sepsis Alliance patient advocacy non-profit organization has launched a Sepsis Coordinator Network — a first of its kind online network that provides health care professionals with evidence-based best-practice resources and guidance to improve outcomes for patients with sepsis.

In announcing the initiative, Sepsis Alliance Executive Director Tom Heymann stated that “the Sepsis Coordinator Network is a response to the varying quality of sepsis treatment across the United States by providing a central hub for health care professionals to access sepsis best-practice resources and communicate with experts in the field.”

The Sepsis Coordinator Network is open to all health care professionals with an interest in improving sepsis care and there is no fee to become a member. For more information, and to register, visit www.SepsisCoordinatorNetwork.org.

Sepsis Alliance has been a core partner and invaluable supporter of HCA’s “Stop Sepsis At Home” initiative. The Alliance’s chief medical officer was an expert advisor in the creation of HCA’s home care sepsis tool and intervention initiative. Alliance materials and video training have been a major contributor to HCA’s training and education sessions around the state, and the Alliance has participated in-person in several of these sessions, as well as served on HCA’s Sepsis Steering Committee. This past week, Sepsis Alliance was recognized with the “2018 Global Sepsis Award,” for which we extend our congratulations.

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