Haven’t Yet Adopted HCA’s Sepsis Tool? Register Today for Dec. 5 Webinar to Get Started

On December 5, HCA and IPRO are jointly holding a webinar (from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.) for all New York State CHHAs and LHCSAs who are not yet users of the HCA Home Care Sepsis Screening and Intervention Tool. The webinar will offer information on how you can adopt and apply this tool in the home care setting.

This special webinar is provided at no charge to agencies, and it is supported by a New York State Health Foundation (NYS Health) grant to promote statewide training and adoption of this intervention.

This December 5 statewide webinar is being conducted by HCA and IPRO as a supplemental opportunity for all CHHAs and LHCSAs in New York State that, to date, have not been able to attend one of the prior training sessions.

It will include: critical information about sepsis and home/community care; guidance on how to clinically apply, adopt and implement the tool; how to work with key clinical community and hospital partners in sepsis intervention; and more.

To learn more about this effort and why home care must play a role, visit our Stop Sepsis at Home website at www.stopsepsisathomeny.org.


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