HCA’s home care sepsis screening tool includes protocols for battling the sepsis crisis where interventions are needed most: at home.

The tool is designed as a series of question prompts, first instructing clinicians to consider whether a patient’s medical history, physical examination or findings suggest an infection; it also asks the clinician to check off certain other systemic criteria of sepsis risk.

Depending on the clinician’s answers to these questions, he or she can determine whether a baseline level of sepsis risk is present or whether to check for some additional warning signs related to organ or system functions.

The screening tool uses all of these patient-specific response criteria in an algorithm that determines whether the patient meets the criteria for sepsis or severe sepsis.

Fees for Licensing the Tool

Organization Type Licensing Fee
HCA member Member Benefit
Non-member $1,500
State Associations No charge for initial user agreement authorizing sub-licensing rights to their members
Members of Participating State Associations $1,200 (sub-licensing fee)

What You’ll Get

Licensees receive:

  • HCA’s sepsis screening tool
  • The sepsis protocol
  • The sepsis screening algorithm
  • Patient education zone tool
  • Patient education tools and resources
  • Comprehensive training materials for clinical and non-clinical staff
  • Sepsis case scenarios with hands-on training exercises
  • Ongoing support from staff at the Home Care Association of New York State (HCA)

Educational Prerequisites

All licensees of the sepsis screening tool must view a series of education webinars that provide background on the tool, information on electronic health record integration, and a train-the-trainer program, among other elements. Please visit our educational prerequisites page for access to the webinar-based training programs.

Learn More

To learn more, please complete our sepsis screening tool inquiry form.

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