Supported by a grant from the New York State Health Foundation, the Home Care Association of New York State (HCA) is working to equip home care providers and clinicians with educational/preventive, screening and follow-up tools to combat sepsis — a national, state and personal health emergency. Over 80% of sepsis cases originate in home and community. With preventive steps, early recognition of symptoms and rapid intervention, morbidity and deaths are preventable.

Our intervention draws on the unique position of home care providers who have the skills, infrastructure and the most direct contact with at-risk individuals in the community.

HCA — in partnership with home care and hospital clinicians, sepsis medical experts, quality improvement experts from IPRO, and leaders of the Sepsis Alliance — have developed a first-in-the-nation, community-based sepsis screening, education, assessment and intervention guidance tool for home care providers.

Our Stop Sepsis at Home campaign includes a series of in-depth statewide training sessions for home care clinicians, agency leaders and clinical partners on the use of the HCA sepsis screening tool, including technical and case-review presentations, conferencing, statewide user calls, data sharing and distribution of supportive resources.

To learn more about the grant components, please see the summary page on NYSHealth here.

HCA gratefully acknowledges the New York State Health Foundation (NYSHealth) for its support of this work. The mission of NYSHealth is to expand health insurance coverage, increase access to high-quality health care services, and improve public and community health. The views presented here are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the New York State Health Foundation or its directors, officers, and staff.

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