13 WHAM Rochester: New York leads the charge in fight to prevent sepsis

Rochester-area ABC affiliate Channel 13 WHAM talks to Carla Wahls, RN, who led HCR Home Care’s implementation of HCA’s Stop Sepsis at Home screening effort and is a sepsis survivor herself.

Carla first told her story to the public in an op-ed for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle: How she spent six days in the hospital recovering from what initially presented as a case of the flu.

“For every hour a person waits, they increase their chances of dying from sepsis by 8 percent,” says Wahls in the report. “So had I waited until the next morning to go to the hospital, I would have been in the ICU.”

Reporter and anchor Alexis Arnold reports: “New York has led the charge, passing the nation’s first sepsis education and support initiative for home care. It’s a tool that helps nurses and doctors identify the risks of sepsis  … It’s been a top priority for the Home Care Association of New York State: to stop sepsis at home.”

“We can teach people that there are ways to prevent sepsis,” adds Wahls in the report.

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